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I know a lot of you out there know exactly what I’m talking about here.  You’ve got a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or maybe even a crazy roommate who gets sucked into reading a few too many holistic health articles and books and the next thing you know, they throw away the microwave because it’s so dangerous for your health.

Microwaves are not safe!  They change the molecular structure of your food and then your body can’t digest it right and then you get cancer and die.”  –  Anonymous health nut

Microwave Baby MMe JPGYeah yeah… so I’m the guy writing these nutty holistic health articles now.  But before I was this guy teaching about microwaves, I was THAT GUY who threw a massive tantrum when my then-wife threw away the microwave years ago.  But little did I know that small health and lifestyle changes then could have saved me years of pain and illness later. Read the whole article »

Is change a process, an overnight phenomenon, or a little bit of both, depending on which Stage of Change you are in? More and more we see new fad diets and exercise programs promising immediate results. Why do some people stick to it and others fall off the wagon?

Individuality of course! But individuality can extend beyond your metabolism and into the domain of your will power, or more specifically:

Your chances of making a permanent lifestyle change can depend on the Stage of Change you are currently in.”

Let’s move through all 6 Stages of Change, from Pre-Contemplation to Termination, in this new short video. Which one are you in?

I experienced all 6 Stages of Change during my own healing process, and man did it get ugly for a while, especially when I got stuck at the Contemplation Stage, was overly ambitious at the Action Stage, and totally sabotaged myself during the Maintenance Stage (a.k.a Relapse). Read the whole article »

Does what we eat have an impact on our seasonal allergies?  Spring is here, and for some it’s a blessing to stop and smell the roses, and for others it’s a curse laced with the ball and chain of an Allegra and Afrin dependency.

Beware of PollenSo do you really have to lock yourself indoors all season shooting drugs up your nose like a cocaine addict?  Or can you break free from the sinus-stuffed-sneezy prison simply by making small changes to your diet?

The answer is yes (to the second question).  And it no longer has to be a choice between which drugs to take, but rather which foods to eat.

You see, this isn’t just nutritional theory.  I’m a living example of going from allergy shots to allergy free. Read the whole article »

The obesity epidemic, downward trend, or whatever you want to call it, is simply getting worse and worse and worse. It’s not getting better. It’s not slowing down. It’s not even plateauing. It’s just getting worse.

How bad is it? See the US state-by-state comparison in this new short video:

Yes, there is an elephant in the room here. And as I mentioned in the video,

If you want to help the obesity epidemic, then don’t become part of it.”

Here are 5 out-of-the-box ways to make this happen. And no, I’m not just going to tell you to drink more water, not eat processed foods, and start exercising. It goes way deeper than that. Read the whole article »