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Earth Day is here again: that one special day of the year where we consider how we can better take care of our planet and be more green, but I have to ask, “What if instead of being more green this year, we focus on being more brown?”

Ewww. Brown isn’t as pretty as green. It makes me think of decay and dirty things.” – Anonymous

Exactly so. But what if the secret to becoming more Green really lies in the Brown, the stuff that makes up the earth, made of decay and dirty things, but also holding within it the beginning and continuation of all life: The Soil.

Death-Life-Death-Life… this cycle is the secret of the soil. Diets and nutrition are completely meaningless without it. But there is a light side and a dark side to this story, an epic battle in which only one side will win. But which cycle are you supporting: The Circle of Life… or the Wheel of Death?
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I recently spoke at the Crescent City Classic Health Expo in New Orleans, and I was amazed at how many people I talked to who still count calories instead of counting on their actual food choices.

Apparently, there is a considerable population who still suffer from N.E.S. also known as Number Eating Syndrome. I thoughtfully cover it in this new short video:

So which is it? Are calories important or not? Well, that depends on which century you were born.
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So how do you make more time to exercise, cook, and carve out some extra ME time? After interacting with thousands of clients, I’ve simmered it down to 3 high impact tips to get you exercising and moving more consistently than ever.

But first, allow me to go off on a brief one minute love rant on how some people complain about not having enough time in a day, but even if they did have a 25-hour or even a 30-hour day, they still wouldn’t get it all done….

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