And Then She Threw Away the Microwave

I know a lot of you out there know exactly what I’m talking about here.  You’ve got a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or maybe even a crazy roommate who gets sucked into reading a few too many holistic health articles and books and the next thing you know, they throw away the microwave because it’s so dangerous for your health.

Microwaves are not safe!  They change the molecular structure of your food and then your body can’t digest it right and then you get cancer and die.”  –  Anonymous health nut

Microwave Baby MMe JPGYeah yeah… so I’m the guy writing these nutty holistic health articles now.  But before I was this guy teaching about microwaves, I was THAT GUY who threw a massive tantrum when my then-wife threw away the microwave years ago.  But little did I know that small health and lifestyle changes then could have saved me years of pain and illness later.

This Is How It Went Down…

I still remember like it was yesterday.  I came home after a long day at work and just wanted a snack.  I grabbed a nicely plastic-wrapped Hot Pocket from the freezer, walked to where the microwave wasn’t, and then re-enacted one of the those movie scenes where I stood in utter horror at my discovery while my Hot Pocket dropped from my hand and bounced off the floor in a slow motion close-up.

“She actually did it,” I thought.  “She really did it.”

Microwave Youth Wasted MMe JPGI was like a lost child.  How in the world am I supposed to warm anything up without a microwave?  And what about all of my precious life wasted waiting on my food to warm up in a toaster oven or on a stove top?  I’m sure there’s some statistic on this.

It’s not fair!  I can’t live this way!  But why was I so upset at the time?

Well, maybe it was because I was still fully immersed in the fast and easy food culture.  But mostly it was because I was still in the 1st Stage of Change: Pre-Contemplation, and I placed zero value in preventative care for myself.

Shifting My Microwavable Mindset

After much begrudging, I finally gave in to my new microwaveless reality and was pleasantly surprised to discover the following very positive results:Microwave Lean Cuisine MMe JPG

  1. My food tasted better, the flavor was better preserved, and it didn’t feel like rubber.
  2. I digested my food better (i.e. less IBS, burping, and stomach aches).
  3. I stopped eating processed microwavable food and ate more REAL food.
  4. I enjoyed my leftovers as much as the original meal.
  5. I felt like I was caring for myself more by allowing myself to slow down.

Ok.  But are microwaves REALLY that Bad?

And the Microwave Health Studies Show…

Nothing.  There are no official studies about microwaves affecting your health besides some obscure microwaved water plant studies that are debunked by Snopes.

Bueller Meme Microwave Study JPGUnfortunately, a major research study requires about $1.4 million, many many years, and this particular study would have way too many variables.

And who really wants to conduct this study on microwaves anyway?

But no worries.  The answer is quite simple and closer than you might think.  Test it out for yourself like I did.  Experience the difference in flavor and texture.  Ask questions like:

  • Why is the food different and which one is probably better for me?
  • What are my priorities in life: my health or the illusion of “not enough time?”
  • Am I willing to make small positive lifestyle changes now rather than wait until I get diagnosed with some disease, illness or syndrome?

But most importantly…

Listen to your body.  The answer is always there.”

What’s Your Story?

Did someone throw away your microwave too?  What’s your story of those first steps into a healthier lifestyle… kicking and screaming all the way?

I’m curious.  Share your story in the comments below.

** Anonymous is now considering replacing their plastic Tupperware with glass containers.

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  • I’ve been microwave-less for 4+ years now and I’d never get another one. I’d also probably throw a fit if my toaster oven stopped working and immediately go out to get a replacement. I somehow got my way and got a toaster oven in the breakroom at work too!! SUCCESS.

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  • Love this! My daughter who is a MT expert (in fact she is one of your testimonies on this page, Dani Conway) finally got me to stop using my micro about four years ago, but I had no place to store it and I wasn’t ready to sell or ditch it yet! 😉 So for the last four years, its been on my countertop storing my supplements! When my old toaster oven blew about a month ago, I went out and bought a fabulous replacement and it was too big to sit next to the micro… so I’m sure you have already figured out that it’s new home is in the place of my micro, and have just put the micro on Craigslist.:)


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