Metabolic Types®

You are unique in countless ways: your personality, the way you look, your fingerprints, the way you talk, the way you feel… so why not your nutritional requirements as well?

With over 600 conflicting diets out there, it’s no surprise to discover:

“What works for one person, can have little to no effect on another, and often can make a third person even worse.”

This concept is a foundational principle behind the System of Metabolic Typing®, which is based on over 30 years of research, development, and clinical experience.

What Is Metabolic Typing®?

Metabolic Typing® is a testable, verifiable, and repeatable method to determine the best foods for your unique metabolism.

Just as indigenous Eskimos thrived on diets high in fat and protein, and tribes in equatorial regions of the world thrived on a higher carbohydrate-based diet, we all share a genetic and functional requirement for specific ideal foods in each of our diets.

It’s Your Playbook For Optimal Health

Each of us has a unique playbook for how our body operates and metabolizes food based on our genetics and our body’s current state of health. Some people metabolize fat more efficiently than others, while some metabolize carbs better.

By eating the foods best for your metabolism, your body begins to operate at its full genetic potential. This means that your body will have the right energy it needs to express the “good genes” that create health, rather than lose function over time leading to chronic illness and disease.

But this playbook goes well beyond macro-nutrients like proteins, carbs, and fats. This concept also includes vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. For example, how efficient is your Calcium versus Potassium metabolism? What about your body’s requirements for B6 or B12?

A brief snapshot of the 6 Metabolic Types® and how each operates is shown below.

What are the 6 Metabolic Types®?

MTypes Page Table jpg


Whoa! What’s all that mean?

Short Answer: This is just a small summary of 6 Metabolic Typing® playbooks for how each of our metabolisms process and react to foods and nutrients differently.

Complete Answer: I’ve created a comprehensive video for you with a much deeper insight into why and how Metabolic Typing® works for those of you who want to understand the technical side of Metabolic Typing® and human physiology.

It’s All About Balancing Your Body’s Biochemistry

We are all born with natural genetic imbalances. Some people have a tendency towards high blood sugar, others low blood sugar, while some people tend to be more alkaline and others more acidic, just to name a few. These natural imbalances are captured within your Metabolic Type®.

By eating the foods best for your Metabolic Type®, your body will naturally shift into a state of balance. Some people need more salads to achieve this while others require more steaks. We all have different paths to health through what we eat.

Here are some short term benefits to balancing your body:

  • Eliminate cravings and hunger between meals
  • Feel satisfied after meals
  • Increase physical energy and stamina
  • Eradicate mood swings and balance emotions
  • Improve mental clarity and ability to concentrate
  • Have a good, lasting, normal sense of energy and well-being

Long term benefits of balancing your body include:

  • Natural weight loss without dieting or restricting calories
  • Natural balancing of hormones
  • Prevention and reversal of chronic and degenerative health disorders
  • Prevention and faster recovery from injuries
  • Enhanced immunity and resistance to colds, flu, and recurrent infections
  • Slowing of the aging process

Remember this: “There is a 1 to 1 relationship between what you eat and how you feel.”

Our food truly is our medicine, and we medicate ourselves with it every day, 3 times a day. The more “dialed in” to the correct dosages of our ideal foods, the more our body will be full of life, vitality, and energy.

Is This Like The Blood Type Diet?

I get asked this question all the time. Survey says… No way.

Blood types are only one piece of the complex metabolic puzzle known as you, not the whole puzzle. More specifically, your blood type can only really shed some insight on certain foods that you MAY have a tendency towards being intolerant or reactive to. However, your blood type cannot determine which foods are best for your metabolic processes.

Will This Help With My (Fill In The Blank)?

What is your #1 health complaint? Diabetes? Weight Gain? High Cholesterol? High Blood Pressure? Low Energy? Acne? Low Libido? Depression? Anxiety? Cancer?

These are all different outer genetic expressions of an underlying imbalance. Each of us expresses our imbalances differently depending on our genetic predispositions for relating health or disease.

Just as some people have a tendency towards headaches and others have a tendency towards heart attacks, we all have differing nutritional needs for our body to have the energy it needs to run its program for health.

By knowing your Metabolic Type®, you can begin correcting these underlying imbalances by eating the ideal foods and nutrients your body needs to express your full genetic potential instead of symptoms and disease.

How Do I Find Out My Metabolic Type®?

Your Metabolic Type® is determined by an online computer-analyzed questionnaire test. The reason for this is because your genetic and functional requirement for foods are best expressed through your body’s inherent patterns and traits.

There are 3 traits that act as key markers to determine how your metabolism operates:

  1. Physical Traits
  2. Dietary Traits
  3. Psychological Traits

Physical traits include where do you put on cellulite, is you skin normally dry or oily, what is your body build?

The dietary traits analyze your cravings, hunger throughout the day, and your body’s response to certain foods.

Psychological traits evaluates certain aspects of your personality and moods.

All 3 of these traits, these patterns, these inherent tendencies point to your body’s natural imbalances, your underlying genetic expression of health or disease, and ultimately, which foods are best to bring your body back into a state of balance and vibrant health.

I Want To Discover My Metabolic Type®

You can take the Metabolic Typing® test and find out your Metabolic Type® as part of the Metabolic Me® Program.

Learn more here.