How to Skip Meals for Huge Results

Skip meals to make a HUGE difference on the scale… a new fad? Heck no. This has been going on for millennia.

Ancient Diet Secret Revealed In This 1 Minute Video Short

The problem is that something got lost in translation. You know, like a really bad version of the telephone game where someone starts with the word “No” and by the end of the round the last person ends with the word “Yes.”

It all started around the ice ages when people were skipping meals all the time. There wasn’t enough food to go around so most of them just died. Definitely not a good time to be around on this planet.

But our smart little DNA programs caught on relatively quickly (that means thousands of years) and made an innovative little program tweak that allows us to start storing food as excess fat if we go too long without eating. This was a pretty big WIN for all of our ancient ancestors with famine issues since fat is a much more efficient longer term energy source in our body.

Fast forward to the Japanese sumo wrestlers of antiquity who really embraced this cool DNA program feature. The bigger you are, the better your chances of throwing an opponent out of the ring. Therefore, they quickly adapted the following 3 step protocol to their training:

Skipping Meals Weight

Step 1: Skip meals

Step 2: Eat a huge meal

Step 3: Go to sleep

Result: Weight Gain!


Skipping meals IS the Sumo Diet, and it will come back to haunt you one day.

How exactly besides stubborn excess weight gain? Japanese sumo wrestlers’ life expectancy was a solid 10 years less than everyone else. Another unfortunate side effect of skipping meals.

So unless you are in a famine or you enjoy hanging out in a dohyo, eat your breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day and of your life.

To Good Health!

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