Brent Martin

Brent Martin Metabolic MeBrent is the Founder and Creator of Metabolic Me® and CEO of Health Balance Institute. His passion for health began as a collegiate athlete at Louisiana State University’s two-time National Champion Track & Field Team. After a chronic disease diagnosis, he dedicated his life to researching new paradigms of health and disease. Through his research and consultations with the world’s top medical and integrative health practitioners, he regained his health. Brent created the Metabolic Me® program as a way to give back and share his experience and findings with the world in a simple, authentic, and comprehensive way that finally “makes sense.”

Brent is a speaker, writer, video producer and system creator for health care practitioners worldwide. His mission is to better promote and spread the message of Metabolic Health and Individuality through leading, inspiring, and empowering. Brent created the Metabolic Typing® video series which is used by Certified Metabolic Typing® Advisors in over 30 countries. Brent believes that health is our birthright and is available to each of us when we fully embrace our individuality first.


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