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I get asked all of the time:

Brent, how did you get involved in the Metabolic Health movement, and why did you create Metabolic Me?  I don’t see any miraculous Before/After weight loss pics of you like every other nutrition program out there have.  What’s your story?”

Oh, I do have Before and After pictures.  But they’re not your typical outer transformation shocker.  My Before and After pictures look more like this:Before After Brent Martin JPG

That’s right.  I was sick on the inside.  I was told “Nothing’s wrong with you, it’s all in your head,” but knew deep down something did NOT feel right.  I tried every diet and exercise program out there but nothing worked.  And as my health got progressively worse, I went through a divorce, almost lost my 2 young children, and had to quit my full time job.  But there’s a silver lining, isn’t there?

Of course.  Health issues always start on the inside.  The real transformation begins and ends right there.  And what I discovered through all of my searching is closer than you might think.

You are not alone.

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